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Since 1919, Fabricon Products Inc. has been recognized world-wide as an innovator of flexible packaging by producing a wide variety of quality paper and film products for a variety of industries.

In the beginning, Fabricon worked with bakeries to develop the best wax paper bread wrap money could buy.  As the years passed, Fabricon developed an array of printed waxed bands used with cellophane film to help bring the bakery industry into the film age.  Fabricon Products was also one of the first to develop polyethylene bags used for bread and bun packaging.  This example of Fabriconís innovation has stood the test of time and is currently used for wrapping bakery products today.

After establishing itself as a leading supplier in flexible packaging, the company then embarked on the development of a new type of packaging for Fried Pie Snacks.  This fried food product presented a number of new packaging challenges.  Fabricon engineered equipment to produce a unique type of packaging made from Glassine Paper with special properties specifically for packaging this type of food item.

This story continues into the early 1960ís, when Fabricon began supplying flexible packaging to the dairy industry.  Fabricon worked together with the Anderson Machine Company to develop the first hot melt, coated paper, roll stock packaging for ice cream novelties.  This innovation helped the ice cream novelty industry change its packaging from paper bags to individually wrapped ice cream products.  These products are still used today.  As new ice cream novelty products were developed, Fabricon again led the way by introducing new packaging products like the first two-side, coated bullet wrap, gloss coated paper, and other premium packaging products.

In the 1980ís, a driving force in packaging was the marketing of consumer snack items.  In order to drive consumer demand, new and exciting flexible packaging concept needed to be developed.  Fabricon looked for other types of raw materials that could be used for these innovative new flexible packaging products.  Working with film manufacturers, Fabricon developed new types of packaging using metallized, white and clear OPP film for premium flexible packaging products.  Fabricon led the industry in the development of these new products and introduced OPP films packaging to the ice cream, bakery, candy and gum markets.

In 1983, Fabricon acquired Spec-Fab, allowing it to expand into another area of flexible packaging, that of pouch making.  

Today, Fabricon Products is recognized as the premier manufacturer of flexible packaging products.  Fabricon is the first to offer film packaging for ice cream sandwiches, the first to manufacture surfaced printed metallized film packaging, the first to produce embossed film packaging, the first to introduce film packaging as lollipop wraps, and the first to develop hologram material for pouches, bags and overwrap packaging.

Flexible packaging can make a significant difference in marketing products.  Fabricon Products Inc., the leader in innovative flexible packaging solutions, has been helping companies sell their product with creative flexible packaging for over 80 years.  Fabriconís experience and expertise is unparalleled in the flexible packaging industry, and our ability to develop new and exciting packaging products is sure to give your company a clear advantage over your competition.

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