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Spec-Fab has been a leader in the flexible packaging business for over 40 years!  Available products include custom made three-side sealed flat pouches, two-side sealed sleeves or tubing, and custom roll stock.  All of these products can be custom printed in up to 6 colors by our flexographic printing department.  Pouches are available in sizes from 2" x 2" to 36" x 84" or any size in between that you may need.  Tubing is available from 3" wide to 48" wide.  Printed roll stock, for use on form and fill equipment, is also available in up to 45" widths.

Many laminations are designed for moisture protection.  Most of these laminations contain aluminum foil for its excellent moisture barrier.  Other components of the lamination may be paper, polypropylene, polyester, or nylon.  All of the laminations contain a layer of polyethylene as a heat-sealing layer.

We also offer a clear boilable/freezable lamination.  This structure will withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees F and certainly boiling at 212 degrees F.  This, as with all of our laminations, is FDA approved for direct contact with food products.

Custom, surface printed, single layer polypropylene is also one of our specialties.  This can be used as a carton overwrap or for wrapping individual items such as muffins, cookies, breads, and frozen novelties.

We also offer a complete line of desiccants.  Desiccant is a superior activated clay desiccant designed to control atmospheric humidity or moisture within a sealed container and  protect the contents from possible mildew or corrosion during shipment or storage.  Desiccant ranges in size from a 1/6 unit to an 80-unit bag.

But we feel our most important product is our customer service.  We pay attention to detail.  We can help you develop a package that is inexpensive, yet meets or exceeds your expectations.


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