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CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS:         Fab-Twist                     
Todayís candy manufacturers require a wrapping material that increases yield, preserves the productís taste, texture, and shape.  It is our pleasure to introduce to you such a film.  This new high quality twistable packaging film is mono-oriented and offers an exceptional yield advantage over other twisting films on the market.  It is naturally flexible, doesnít tear, and is aesthetically pleasing.  Fab-Twist is available as a white opaque, clear, and metallized substrate.

In todayís market, the number one business concern is controlling costs, without sacrificing productivity.  With Fab-Twist, you get excellent value for your packaging dollar.  Our film has no memory and naturally twists with the candy.  The folds retain their shape after the candy is packed so the candy remains tightly wrapped and well protected.  Fab-Twist stays twisted!  Fab-Twist is the production-friendly choice for all types of wrapping equipment.  Let us send you a sample and see for yourself.  

It is inactive to sugar, chocolate liqueur, spirit fillings and other ingredients used in sweets and chocolates and complies with FDA and EU standards.  It is even environmentally friendly.  As a non-halogen material, it is ecologically safe and can be recycled.    




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